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Our mission is to help you reach your fitness goals. To make you stronger: both physically and mentally. We create an environment, which provides 100% YOU time. Our goal: To create the best hour of your day. Time, when you forget about outside worries, and helps you focus on you: your fitness, your joy.

Who We Are?

RED CITY CROSSFIT was born in Antwerpen in February 2016. Before the gym was open, we created the manifesto: a single sheet of paper that defined what RED CITY CROSSFIT was about, what we believed in, and what our goals were. This is what we wrote:

Red City CrossFit is a child op passion: passion for CrossFit, fitness. We want to share our love for CrossFit: strength, endurance, mental toughness, through a warm, strong community. We love what we do, and we do what we love. Through hard work and dedication we have become an incredible gym, a place, valued for it’s quality service, community, coaching and dedication.

Our Team


Owner / Coach

Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Level 2 CrossFit Coach
Level 1 CrossFit Weightlifting Coach
Many more

Since 5 years old I have been passionate about sport: Swimming, basketball, football, boxing, thai boxing, grappling: I loved them all. But 7 years ago I found a true passion in CrossFit, and never looked back ever since. Love coaching, helping people reach their full potential in fitness.



Level 1 CrossFit Coach
14 years of competitive basketball
Graduate in Physical Education
Passionate about movement, I love to see people improve and get better, especially the beginners, who just start their fitness journey.
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Coach, Gymnastics

CrossFit level 1 coach
Bachelor physical education (+biology)
Trainer B acrobatic gymnastics.
5 years gymnastics, 16 years acrobatic gymnastics whereof 2 years as a full time athlete. Bronze medallist at the World Cup acro gymnastics in Putian (China). 3 years CrossFit
I Love coaching because the members push themselves to their limits at their own pace and in a fun way. I want to help them to improve their movements and learn the right technique. It is nice to work with motivated people!
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CrossFit level 1 Coach
2 years Muai Thai, 3 years Crossfit.
I love to help people get better at their own pace, motivate them and have fun while they’re pushing themselves in the different workouts.
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